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Lucy J's Delta 8 THC Flower Jar | 7g

Lucy J’s is all about delivering high quality products at a fair price. Experience the smooth smoking experience and hard hitting potency of Lucy J’s Delta 8 THC flower. Perfect after a long day at work, hiking up your favorite mountain, or when you need a bit of relief from life’s twists and turns.

Choose Lucy J’s Delta 8 THC flower in a 3.5g or 7g jar offered in many different strains. All of the buds are hand-trimmed, loaded with terpenses, and double dosed with Delta 8 THC for an unforgettable experience. There is no BS in these jars. Lucy J’s will quickly become a fan favorite with your customers at your store.

As a company, Lucy J’s is committed to normalizing cannabis consumption and helping promote cannabis use across the United States. The stigma against cannabis is so played out at this point, and it’s time that everyone has access to the highest quality cannabis products on the market to elevate life’s adventures. Join us on this mission!