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HHC Flower | Rocket Fuel

Diesel, Woody, Pungent

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Strain Type: Indica-Hybrid

Dominant Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene


  • CBD: 9.26%
  • CBG: 1.68%
  • CBN: 0.07%
  • 𝝙8 THC: 0.79%
  • 𝝙9 THC: < LOQ
  • HHC: 28.57%

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Product Description

Rocket Fuel HHC Flower is a gas-filled, pungent strain that has a ton of fuel-packed flavor. This is not for the weak or timid. The effects are euphoric and calming. After being introduced to the lineup in 2022, this flower hit the top 3 in sales for Elevated Trading. It is a standout flower especially for stores that carry a large variety of smokable hemp flower.

Elevated Trading is one of the top CBD wholesale distributors in the United States, and we take a lot of pride in the high quality smokable hemp flower that we provide our customers. We specialize in Bulk HHC Flower and sell over 25 different strains of HHC flower in our catalog. Since 2019, we have developed deep relationships with the top CBD hemp flower growers in Southern Oregon. We put our Rocket Fuel HHC flower through rigorous third-party testing so our customers are confident in our wholesale HHC product lineup.

Elevated Trading’s flower has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. There are horror stories across the industry of false testing, bait and switch after getting samples, and overall bad business practices when dealing with wholesale CBD flower purchases. This is why Elevated Trading exists. You can purchase with confidence knowing we stand behind every product we deliver. If you’re not happy with the product, we will replace or refund your purchase with zero questions asked.

Reliable third-party testing is critical for the safety and longevity of the entire CBD industry. All of our HHC hemp flower includes full-panel testing so you can be confident in your purchase of any bulk flower strain that we offer.

Our Unique Value

Unparalleled Strain Consistency

No need to worry about running out of your favorite strain or losing revenue on packaging that you can't use any longer!

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Reliable, fast service with detailed tracking on every shipment.

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Our wholesale products are pure and free from industrial contaminants like pesticides and herbicides.

Drop Shipping Available

Direct drop shipping that fits your business model - great for franchises or independent contractors building a distribution brand.

Reliable COAs from 3rd Party Labs

Every product we offer at Elevated Trading includes a fully detailed COA for greater quality assurance.

100% Satisfaction Guranteed

Satisfaction guaranteed on all of your purchases, including flower! If you don't like what we send, we will refund or replace it!