Learn how to store hemp flower

Selling or Buying Hemp Flower: Learn How it Should Be Stored

CBD products have been progressively growing in popularity because of the wide variety of potential therapeutic benefits.

However, there are still many uncertainties surrounding CBD hemp flower and how you should store it — making retailers unsure of how to store hemp properly.

Or perhaps, you’re a consumer and buying hemp flower in bulk. How are you going to store it so that it doesn’t lose its original flavor and potency? Regardless of what situation pertains to you, the reality is — the way hemp flower is stored can contribute to its degradation.

What is CBD Hemp Flower?

CBD hemp flower is the raw or dried hemp flower buds of the Cannabis sativa plant comprised of less than 0.3 percent Delta 9 THC. CBD hemp flower is rising in status for its reported health benefits — minus an extreme or undesirable psychoactive effect.

Hemp flower is rapidly growing in popularity for:

  • The health benefits of full-spectrum cannabis
  • A way to use cannabis without an unwanted psychoactive effect
  • A more straightforward, legal way to buy cannabis flower

Retailers: Learn the Proper Way to Store Hemp Flower

First and foremost, it’s important to note that CBD hemp flower exposed to moisture and other contaminants will develop mold and mildew and be dangerous to your health.

You should be exceptionally cautious of temperature, humidity, and UV light. Without suitable protection from these hazards, you risk losing flavor and potency — and may limit shelf life.

When storing hemp flower, it’s best to maintain mild storage conditions. As a rule, temperatures between 77° and 86° F help preserve hemp quality and block any adverse changes in the level of moisture deep within the leaves.

Importance of Buying Properly Stored Hemp Flower

So, how do you know if your hemp flower has spoiled? First, check the buds. Have they lost color? Are there patches of dark discoloration adjoined by fuzzy white outlines? Is the aroma still appealing? Here at Elevated Trading, we can’t stress enough that hemp flower that’s been exposed to moisture and other contaminants will develop mold and mildew and can be dangerous to your health.

You must take the time to consider how the vendor stored the CBD hemp flower. Proper storage techniques prevent the product from going bad before being consumed. While most shops that sell hemp are careful to provide their buyers with safe products, the way they store the hemp can significantly impact its quality over time. For dispensaries, moisture loss is a familiar problem across the industry. Understanding and asking the shop how they store the hemp will clarify the quality of the hemp and extend its life and keep it flavorful and effective longer.

Elevating Trading Insider Tip: At Elevated Trading, we use TerpeneFresh bags and humidity packs in all our CBD hemp flower — giving us a competitive edge. These bags provide a viable shelf life without losing critical levels of weight, terpenes, or cannabinoids.

Elevated Trading Mission

Elevated Trading supplies high-quality, wholesale hemp products to CBD manufacturers and CBD retailers across the United States. We’re elevating the supply chain experience across the wholesale hemp industry. We form deep, strategic relationships with our CBD customers to ensure you receive value — well beyond the transaction.

If you’re searching for wholesale hemp CBD flower, contact us today to discuss the wide selection of quality, safe and reliable, wholesale hemp products that we offer. It’s game-time. Elevate!

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