Trying Wholesale hemp Delta 8 THC Gummies

How to Choose a Supplier for Wholesale Hemp Delta 8 THC Gummies?


The widespread use of Delta 8 has created incredible opportunities for CBD entrepreneurs worldwide. A large part of sustained success for CBD retail shop is in making crucial decisions. 

One of those decisions is which Delta 8 gummy supplier to use — which can feel overwhelming — especially with little information available amid its increasing popularity.

Here at Elevated Trading, we want to give you the guidance you need to narrow down Delta 8 suppliers best suited for your needs — and mission for the future. It is important to note that not all distributors should be trusted to provide high-quality Delta 8 gummies.

Meeting Consumer Demand for High-Quality Delta 8 Gummies

So, what’s the process to find a supplier who can meet your consumer’s demand for high-quality Delta 8 gummies?

While choosing higher-quality ingredients often comes with higher costs, consumers will appreciate the consistent, high-rating Delta 8. But do not confuse higher costs for unfair prices. Finding the right supplier requires patience, discipline, and understanding CBD retailers should be raising the bar on their suppliers and expecting better business practices.  

Elevated Trading Insider Tip: Vet the supplier and order enough Delta 8 gummies to endure a production slowdown. Delta 8 gummy sales are escalating at a high rate, so you want to be prepared.

A quality supplier should be able to manufacture Delta 8 gummies that meet your requirements consistently. Asking the following questions can help you vet prospective suppliers’ experience and consistency with the Delta 8 market:

  • Is the supplier infusing or spraying the Delta 8 gummies?
  • Can the supplier meet the increased demand for Delta 8 gummies?
  • Does the supplier offer high-quality Delta 8 gummies backed by lab results?
  • Does the supplier have a consistent network of sub-suppliers for Delta 8 raw materials?
  • Does the supplier hold industry-specific manufacturing certifications?

Choosing Elevated Trading for Your Delta 8 Gummies

Elevated Trading wholesale top-quality gummies are non-GMO, gluten-free, natural flavors, natural colors, and manufactured in a cGMP certified lab. Infused with top-quality Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, or full-spectrum CBD distillate, each gummy delivers a consistent, flavorful experience.

We only use high-quality distillates — the perfect combination of pure oil with natural cannabinoids. We never use any bleaching agents to enhance the oil for the safety of consumers.  

“We have been disappointed with the supply of high-quality Delta 8 available on the market, with very few batches even matching the Certificate of Analysis,” states Cody Sandone, CEO and Founder of Elevated Trading. “We are now seeing a huge gap in the market for quality wholesale CBD and Delta 8, and we believe our experience and integrity give us a unique advantage in addressing this challenge.”

Elevated Trading addresses the unreliable supply chain issues that have plagued the wholesale hemp industry for years. The team has strategically eliminated discord from the buying experience to elevate your profits by helping you deliver more value to your CBD and Delta 8 and alternate cannabinoid consumers.

  • All our wholesale hemp products are 3rd party tested several times throughout the supply chain, and we supply certified COAs with every order.
  • Orders are shipped within 24-48 hours of payment, and we stand behind every wholesale hemp product that we sell. If you’re not happy — we fix it. 
  • If we tell you that we can deliver a wholesale hemp product or service for your CBD or Delta 8 business, we will make it happen. Period.

If you’re searching for wholesale hemp flower, bulk concentrates, Delta 8 THC, hemp-derived Delta 9 THC, THCa, or shelf-ready retail products, Elevated Trading can meet your demands.

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