CBD Retailers Frustrated with Unreliable Supply Chain

CBD Retailers Frustrated with Unreliable Supply Chain

Are you a CBD retailer that is frustrated with your current supply chain and quality issues? It is imperative for retailers to know the source — and ultimately — ensure the supplier is transparent.

Combined with COA testing issues, many retailers are faced with logistical challenges and supply chain difficulties when it comes to traversing the various state regulations for CBD and hemp products.

And with demand for CBD on the rise, retailers are scrambling to not only keep their shelves and online stores stocked, but the hemp flower they’re investing in is often not the highest quality available.

Why are CBD Retailers Frustrated with Supply Chain?

While CBD retailers offer various products ranging from carts and gummies to hemp flower, this growing industry faces many obstacles. As CBD blasts into the mainstream, retailers are exposed to broader disruptions — specifically supply chain hang-ups amid new economic pressures.

You’ll find legitimate, transparent sources at the top of the supply chain — exercising consistency, cost-efficiency, quality control, and expertise. But what about at the bottom? The bottom of the supply chain showcases a glut of unreliable sources blind to product source and production.

It’s crucial to know your source and build a strategic partnership that satisfies customers’ demands for quality, sustainability, and traceability.

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Tackling Quality Issues in the Hemp Industry

Running a CBD company takes time, dedication, and a commitment to separating the best suppliers from the sketchy and unreliable. Developing a stable and seamless framework helps retailers efficiently control product quality, inventory, and expenses to deliver high-quality hemp products to the end-user quickly.

Identifying demand is the role of tracking inventory to help supply meet demand. To achieve this, a retailer must first understand what products its customer base is demanding. The retailer then needs to require that the industry take responsibility to its consumers seriously by providing them with a consistent, quality product that carries the guarantee of standardized testing methods.

Knowing your source and educating yourself on each supplier will help retailers decide how to source the products on their shelves — and overcome the challenge of accurately evaluating product quality. Always verify the safety and quality of raw materials.

High-quality hemp equals investing in customer loyalty.

Find Consistent Hemp Flower Quality

With a surplus of new brands and new products, where do you turn for consistent, high-quality hemp? When looking for a hemp flower distributor, what factors should you consider? Factors include constant supply, proper COAs, the quality of the flower, availability, and many others.

  • COAs (Certificates of Analysis)reveal how the hemp was grown, how it was handled during growth, and if it is legal with statistics of less than 0.3 percent Delta 9 THC. And most importantly, the COA indicates if the hemp flower is pesticide-free and free from other toxic materials.
  • Variety. If you own a retail shop, you need variety. When you have a broader selection, you can appeal to a more extensive customer base and increase revenue. Are you working with a supplier that gives you access to a wide variety of hemp products at your disposal?
  • Availability. It is crucial to work with a supplier with a steady supply of CBD and hemp products. Nothing is worse than buying hemp products only to find out that your customer’s favorites are out of stock or no longer available. This is where you lose customers.

Elevated Trading Insider Tip: Consistency is critical for CBD retailers. If the supplier you are using or researching cannot guarantee a consistent supply, it might be best to look elsewhere. If we tell you that we can deliver a wholesale hemp product or service for your CBD business at Elevated Trading, we will make it happen. Period.

If the hemp industry is to thrive, we must bring about substantial change. As our name suggests, Elevated Trading is elevating the supply chain experience across the wholesale hemp industry. We form deep, strategic relationships with our CBD customers to ensure you receive value well beyond the transaction. Elevate!

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