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Elevated Trading supplies Wholesale Hemp THC products including CBD, Delta THC, and other alternate cannabinoids at fair prices.

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Elevated Trading provides a better way to experience the world of wholesale hemp.

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About Elevated Trading

Since January 2020, Elevated Trading has built critical relationships with industry contacts across farming, manufacturing, and testing sectors to create an entire ecosystem of solutions for our wholesale customers.

We take pride in being a value-added supplier. We work closely and collaboratively with our customers to make an immediate, measurable impact on their business and their entire supply chain. We've also taken a curated approach to our catalog, focusing on a key set of products that add significant profit margin to the bottom line of our retail customers.

Your suppliers should be directly aligned with your business and goals instead of constantly pushing product on you. That's why our process starts with a detailed consultation with one of our knowledgeable sales associates to better understand your business needs to ensure we're making the best use of everyone's time and investment. At Elevated Trading, we only suggest products that will move the needle with your own customers.

If your enterprise has grown frustrated with the lack of professionalism among hemp suppliers or your business is suffering from a fractured and overly expensive supply chain, we invite you to discover the difference that our wholesale team makes at Elevated Trading.

We're committed to delivering a better wholesale buying experience for retailers by providing quality, reliability, and integrity - all pillars that elevate our company well above the industry status quo.

Elevated Trading - Wholesale hemp THC, CBD, Delta THC and other cannabinoids


Because alternate cannabinoids are some of the hottest and most requested items across the country, Elevated Trading is always working to expand our own product line. We're dedicated to giving our partners competitive pricing and streamlined access to emerging cannabinoids and hemp-derived products.

In addition to offering both manufacturing and retail Delta 8 products, Elevated Trading also specializes in Farm Bill Compliant Delta 9 and THCa products. We know that innovation plays a key role in every successful product line, and that's why we're committed to keeping our wholesale partners supplied with the market's leading products.

Enhance your enterprise's product line with popular, premium-quality Delta 8, Delta 9 and THCa products made by the experts at Elevated Trading, LLC.

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